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Second airport hinges on public transport

Apr 17, 2015News

The RTBU has again ramped up its calls for the government to ensure reliable, affordable public transport is front and centre in any planning around the second Sydney Airport.

The NSW Government released its overview of what the airport at Badgerys Creek will look like, however there was no mention of the transport links.

In a statement to the media, RTBU Secretary Alex Claassens called for the transport plans to be revealed.

“The success of this second airport is entirely dependent on connecting it with the rest of the city through public transport,” Mr Claassens said.

“Reports today say that the airport is being planned for the long term and will eventually be capable of taking 80 million passengers a year.

“It’s great that the Government aims to get this airport right for the long term but this must also extend to the public transport plans and we are yet to see the detail of these.

“Planning a new airport from scratch is a great opportunity to get public transport right.

“Badgerys Creek airport must be serviced by fast, affordable and reliable transport to and from the city and throughout Sydney’s west and must be publicly owned and operated.

“Unfortunately, bad planning in the past has meant commuters are put off by the cost of travelling on the Sydney Airport Link, which is otherwise a very efficient and effective service.

“The exorbitant ticket prices are a result of the Sydney Airport Link being privately owned and operated.

“We can’t make this mistake again and the public transport for the new airport must be owned and operated by the NSW Government.

“Public transport should be seen as the obvious choice when people are planning their trips to the airport.

“We’re calling for the Government to release its plans for transport for public scrutiny to ensure they are the best they can be.

“We also call on the new Transport Minister to make this project his priority and to agree to meet with the union as soon as possible to discuss this very important project for Western Sydney.