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RTBU Momentum members update: Monies owed repaid $$$$$$$$

May 12, 2020Momentum


An NSW RTBU Locomotive Division member identified a shortfall in payments made under the Australian Superannuation Guarantee Legislation being paid for work performed on a Public holiday with the Company being notified back in April 2017.

As a result numerous representation between the NSW RTBU Locomotive Division and the Company the identified error has been rectified and all monies owed to each employee has been forwarded onto the Australian taxation Office and will be distributed to the individual’s Superannuation Scheme on 8th May 2020.

We congratulate the member who initially picked up and pursued the payment shortfall to get what is rightfully theirs and to the benefit of other members.


Following on from the application lodged with Fair Work Commission to get Momentum to the table to negotiate an Enterprise Agreement for train crew within NSW, Momentum have in principle agreed to enter into negotiations for a National Enterprise Agreement covering Rail operations: Train Drivers, Drivers Assistants / Trainees, Shunters, Train Examiners & Terminal operators in New South Wales, Northern Territory, South Australia, Queensland, Tasmania & Victoria.

The RTBU are awaiting the notification from Momentum of the Notice of Representational Rights (NERR) being sent out to begin the negotiations process.


Whilst we are still under the restrictions caused by the current pandemic, please continue to exercise good personal hygiene and follow the self-distancing rules to ensure we stop the spread and continue to stay safe.

As with everything at the moment, changes are being made at a rapid rate and your Union is doing our best to ensure that every operator is keeping you safe at work. However, if you are not seeing measures implemented in your workplace, immediately notify you’re Delegate / Organiser and also you’re Supervisor.

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