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RTBU members speak out on flawed national safety laws

Mar 10, 2012News

RTBU Loco Division delegates and members attended formal consultations over proposed new national rail safety laws that threaten the safety and work-life balance of train drivers.

About 30 RTBU members and delegates expressed their concerns that the National Transport Commission draft laws did not contain prescribed hours of work and rest for drivers, instead allowing operators more flexibility around rostering.

This would mean the current protective legislation in NSW, fought for by the RTBU, will be overridden. The law as it applies in New South Wales will change and will result in the removal of existing legislated hours of work and rest for drivers.

There is also the intention to repeal newly passed laws in Queensland that legislate mandatory maximum shift lengths before they even come into effect in 2013.

The division thanks drivers for their attendance at the consultation. The RTBU will continue to campaign for mandatory maximum shift lengths.

To read the full draft report:  Draft NRS RIS