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RTBU launches exchange of shifts dispute

Nov 7, 2013News

Sydney Trains has been attempting to restrict drivers from swapping their shifts under the guise of “training commitments”.

The RTBU has raised a dispute over the issue, given these so called commitments are in fact Competency Assurance Assessments which the RTBU considers to be an auditory requirement and not training at all.

Drivers are already trained and qualified and this requirement is a self imposed responsibility Sydney Trains has committed to as a part of their Safety Management System to be a rail operator.

It should be recognised that Sydney Trains are the only operator that annually assesses drivers competency to drive trains – no other operators have this requirement. Additionally, Sydney Trains is also seeking to restrict drivers from swapping “Review Roads” diagrams under the same principal.

The RTBU was advised that members’ swaps will still be accepted when requested however, they will not be approved until “training commitments” are assessed in the forth coming period roster, at which point they will be approved or denied.

This obviously leaves members “up in the air” as to whether their swap has actually been approved until the period roster is posted, a situation that is unacceptable to members as they will be unable to successfully plan and commit into the future.

Further meetings will occur in an effort to resolve this issue and members will be kept informed as the matter progresses.