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Right of way dispute

Sep 2, 2014News

The Loco Division has been forced to lodge a dispute with NSW Trains after reports surfaced of breaches of the Right of Way rules.

Loco Division Secretary Bob Hayden said the union has been made aware of instances of Passenger Service Supervisors not being rostered to give right of way when working a train off a platform to a shed, siding or maintenance centre.

“It seems that the problem is particularly prevalent when we’re talking about empty car working, however we’ve also been made aware of several cases where management have reportedly instructed drivers to work a service without a PSS, despite the fact that this is clearly in breach of network rules and procedures,” Bob Hayden said.

“The Loco Division is of the view that the working of all services, regardless of whether or not there are passengers on-board, requires a PSS to perform the right of way. That includes instances of empty car working.

“We simply won’t stand for the company cutting corners at the expense of safety. This is a serious issue that we need to get sorted as quickly as possible, and in the meantime members should inform the union immediately if ever asked to work a service without a PSS.

“We will provide an update on the dispute as soon as a meeting to discuss the issue is secured with the company.”