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RailCorp Kingsgrove to Revesby Quadruplication Training Dispute

Mar 14, 2013News

Members are advised that a dispute currently exists regarding RailCorp’s proposed training package for this new track which is due to be commissioned in April 2013.

RailCorp have proposed to have drivers learn the new route by travelling on the adjacent line, view a DVD of the new track and be provided with maps and a briefing.

The RTBU is opposed to this type of training as it in direct contradiction to RailCorps own TWP requirements for attaining route knowledge.

Additionally, this proposed learning will commence prior to signals being cut in or speed boards being correctly placed and the RTBU believes this poses a safety risk to its members as well as the travelling public.

A pilot course will be held on the 15th March following which the RTBU will review all aspects of the training proposal and decide its next course of action. As a dispute is currently in place regarding this, the Status Quo provision of the dispute settlement procedure applies in this instance:

“The status quo before the emergence of the dispute shall continue whilst the Dispute Settlement Procedure is being followed.”

Members will be kept informed as to the progress of this matter.