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Rail Entities preliminary discussions continue

Nov 25, 2013News

The Combined Rail Unions met again with Rail Entities representatives this week, where a fifth version of the companies’ ‘wish list’ was tabled.

The list includes ‘simplifications’ and changes to the EA they would like to see.

Members should not that these meetings are discussions only (in accordance with Clause 7 in the RailCorp EA 2010), and bargaining does not commence until December this year unless the parties agree otherwise.

The Combined Rail Unions have NOT agreed to commence bargaining any earlier than the time stipulated in the agreement.

No union representative at any of the discussions held to date has been in a position to respond to any of the proposals tabled by the Rail Entities representatives because the following is yet to occur:

1. A full report back to the Combined Rail Unions delegates

2. Delegates make recommendations based on the Report back for consideration of mass meetings of members across the entities; and

3. The members have endorsed their own Log of Claims and endorsed a considered response to the matters so far tabled by the Rail Entities.

See the full CRU Bulletin here.