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QUBE Enterprise Agreement Update

Apr 28, 2020QUBE

Late last week, QUBE finally responded to our letter which addresses concerns that QUBE was not bargaining in good faith. Within this letter, QUBE stated that they still wished to continue with negotiations, however QUBE has stated that they are unable to continue with the most recent terms as discussed between the negotiating team, which is a 4-year agreement with increases of 3%, 3%, 3.5% and 3.5%.

The NSW Locomotive Division has replied via email that negotiations must continue and have requested that any further meetings will be via Video Conference with your EA Delegates. We have also requested that these meetings take place as soon as possible so that you have the opportunity to get the pay and conditions you deserve.

The Government has announced that you are an Essential Service that must keep operating during this COVID-19 epidemic to keep Australia moving, which means business as usual. We believe that you deserve the pay increases that you deserve and once again, this is not the first time QUBE has withheld pay increases from you. During the last round of negotiations, QUBE withheld over 2 years of pay increases. It appears that QUBE will do the same even after we had reached an in-principle agreement that should have been sent out to a vote back in March 2020.

While we wait for QUBE to respond, we are still assessing all legal avenues, which may include protected industrial action, to make sure QUBE start paying what you deserve.

A copy of QUBE’s response letter is linked below.  

Click here to download the Newsflash.

Click here to see the letter.