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Pulse check – be honest!

Feb 13, 2014News

Sydney Trains is about to undertake what is being described as a ‘pulse check survey’ – and members are being encouraged to be as honest as possible with your feedback.

The anonymous survey is being conducted by an external organisation in a supposed effort to make “Sydney Trains a great place to work” and to assist in “being able to make decisions and plan improvements based on real data”.

Loco Division Secretary Bob Hayden said management can expect to get feedback from its employees that shows that the ‘pulse’ around the workplace is angry and fed up, and suggested that rather than spend money on a survey that will identify already known issues, management would be better off implementing positive and meaningful action to address the problems.

“The ongoing failure of management to address issues relating to payroll and rostering; the lack of access by crew to direct and local managers; the constant failure of managers to acknowledge communications, let alone provide a satisfactory response; the lack of operational knowledge of direct managers; and failure of them to understand the needs of crew, is reason enough to result in a crew base which is angry, demoralised, distrustful and frankly, has had enough. Members constantly see an organisation that displays a zero care-factor,” Bob Hayden said.

“Add to these issues the intention of management to deprive members of car parks and the not so secret plan to destroy our working conditions within the context of EA negotiations, and it is easy to see why many members are getting fed-up with Sydney Trains.”

Loco Division Passenger Organiser, Bob Newham, said that members are insulted by the constant rhetoric coming out of management about “customer service” and “world class railway”.

“Members understand customer service and do it every day and go out of their way to keep the trains moving. For the most part train crew are the forgotten part of the equation, until they make a mistake that is.

“Then when you consider the added stress of crew being threatened with disciplinary action for first or minor incidents or worse still, following the Minimum Standards, it’s understandable that management’s ‘safety first’ motto is seen as mere talk. The impacts of these issues on the health and wellbeing of crew should not be underestimated. Stress and anxiety levels are running at an all time high, impacting on morale, operational issues and the ability of crew to safely focus on the job at hand.

“If Sydney Trains are serious about positive change then they need to acknowledge the current situation, involve themselves in it, and be a voice in support of their crew. They should not have to wait for the results of an externally conducted, anonymous survey to identify issues that are as clear as the nose on their face – what is need is management talking about and implementing positive and meaningful action instead.”

Members are encouraged to participate in a full and honest fashion for this survey – don’t hold back!