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Public servants face pay freeze while fat cats see wage increase

May 27, 2020COVID19

Today, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced a wage freeze for  public sector workers for 12 months with funds considering the increasing amount of unemployed workers across the state.

There are major pay agreements set to renew with the pay increase in the new financial year covering essential frontline workers including nurses and police. A lot of these are people who were on the ground during the bushfires, putting their lives at risk for the public. Many are still putting their lives at risk working in COVID-19 environments.

However, conveniently they waited until after their own department heads had received obscene pay increases to do this.

Fat Cat wage increase (2).png

“This is clearly a situation of the rich get richer while they try to claim they are freezing wages for the greater good. It’s outrageous,” said RTBU NSW Loco Division Secretary Bob Hayden.