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Proposed Ground Based Warning System

Oct 24, 2012News

A meeting was recently held with RailCorp to discuss the development of a Ground Based Warning System (GBWS ) for utilisation in new stabling locations.

Construction is already underway at the Leppington Yard on the South West Rail Link as a part of the Southwest Rail Link. The project has significant noise restrictions applied owing to its rural nature and 15dB has been designated the allowable level. This will preclude the utilisation of the train horn during train preparation, hence the above proposal. The utilisation of a GBWS was originally suggested by the RTBU as a solution to the ongoing issues at the Macdonaldtown facility.

The GBWS has yet to be formally designed, however what is proposed is based on systems currently in use within the Shed at AMF as well as outdoor systems used in New Zealand. These consist of button activated visual and audible warnings that alert of train movements prior to them occurring. The visual aspect will be a system of flashing lights alongside the train and the audible is a low decibel alarm which can be adjusted to suit. For example, trains on middle roads which are affected by other train noise can have the audible alarm level increased if required.

It is proposed to have drivers activate the “push button” prior to their departure and the location for this button could be mounted on the access platform to alleviate the requirement to alight the cab to ground level.

Train Crew required procedures in regards to the utilisation of this devise were discussed with nothing determined as yet until the design features are finalised.  However, it was discussed that the train horn can be sounded in the cutting approximately 500 to 1000mtrs after departing the yard.

It will be approximately two years before the South West Rail Link is completed and the Leppington Yard commences operations. Ongoing consultation regarding the design and then trials will be undertaken prior to implementation.