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Proposed Goulburn Rosters

Sep 16, 2013News

The RTBU is currently in discussion with NSW Trains management over the company’s proposed changes to working at Goulburn Depot.

The changes have come about as a result of the proposed implementation of new daily services to Canberra in the October timetable.

NSW Trains proposed to split up the current 10 line roster at Goulburn by establishing a two line roster at Canberra and three lines of work allocated to the Sydney Depot. This would leave Goulburn with only five lines of work.

To date, the Goulburn Depot has submitted an alternate proposal in an effort to retain the majority of working within that depot however, the proposal for the two line roster for Canberra remains open for consideration based on the requirements of the working within the new timetable.

NSW Trains will review this proposed roster and its working and provide feedback once completed. Further consultation will occur and members will be kept informed of any developments.