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Proposed Change to Millennium and OSCAR Safety Measures

Apr 5, 2011News

RailCorp have recently announced a proposal to change the Vigilance Timing Cycle on Millennium and OSCAR trains to 30 seconds, bringing them in line with the remainder of the fleet.

RailCorp believes this change is necessary in order to make these set types “safer operationally”.

The proposed change is to be negotiated with the RTBU Loco Division through a series of meetings, the first of which is scheduled for 15 April. Representatives will be given the opportunity to table their requirements to ensure the implementation of this system works for all employees concerned.

These requirements will include the enhancement of the current Master Controller Task Linkage capabilities of both these sets as well as the implementation of the successful “blue wash” [night] and white [day] warning light system currently in place on RailCorp rolling stock.

Members will be kept informed as this project progresses.