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PN Outsourced Newsflash: 24-hour Stoppage Going Ahead

Nov 19, 2020PN Updates

To all Pacific National – Outsourced Members

Members are advised that the as notified 24-hour stoppage from 6pm tonight will go ahead

Following the decision of Justice Nicholas in the Federal Court this afternoon employees working the blast furnace and hot metal areas will be able to take their 24-hour protected action work stoppage. This is great news for the union that we can continue with out protected industrial action!

Please find the attached Orders which were handed down, which we encourage you to read.

  • Where the applicant (Pacific National) has, formed the opinion in good faith and on reasonable grounds that circumstances have arisen that will mean there will be the dumping of hot metal, they may “Call Out” a suitable qualified employee so as to avoid the dumping of hot metal.

Having spoken to your Delegates and Pacific National following the Order being issued, the parties have agreed that to avoid confusion, and potential fatigue issues, and some certainty about who may or may not be called in:

  • The 2 Drivers as originally rostered to work on the blast furnace will, in a practical sense, be “on call at home” for the duration of their originally rostered shift should they be required; and
  • The Company, in accordance with the Orders, is required to notify the RTBU where this will happen. For this notification Locomotive Division Organiser Kevin Pryor will be the first point of contact.

Your Delegates have been contacted along with all those members who may be required to attend should it be necessary as per the requirements of the Order.

Members should not hesitate to contact their Delegate and Organiser (Kevin Pryor) should any further information or clarification be required.

Click here to download the Orders.