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PN Intermodal talks take slow road

Jun 1, 2012News

Negotiations for a new agreement for PN Intermodal Train Crew have been running for six months but moving slowly. The negotiating team of Dave Mathie (Sydney), Peter Mundey (Taree), Eugene Clark (Adelaide), Brian Head (Melbourne) and Jessica Robinson (Sydney) were in Sydney today to meet PN management but still face major sticking points.

A key area of disagreement is ‘at rest’ pay. Currently, drivers at rest away from home only start to be paid in the 16th hour at rest. The RTBU is arguing pay should kick in at the 11th hour, but the company’s best offer so far is single time from the 14th hour and the existing overtime rate from the 16th hour.

Some PN drivers are spending 1000 hours a year at rest away from their family and receiving no pay for it. Improving ‘at rest’ pay for drivers is a top priority for the new agreement.

Other issues include maintaining the nine-day notice period for roster changes – the company wants to bring it down to five – and ensuring the company pays for necessary medical tests for drivers.

The current PN Intermodal agreement expires on June 30.

L-R: Dave Mathie, Peter Mundey, Eugene Clark, Brian Head, Jessica Robinson