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PN Intermodal Meeting

Mar 18, 2011News

As a result of a number of EA interpretation issues, many involving local depot dispute notices, a meeting is being arranged with PN Intermodal to discuss the following issues:

  • • Being rostered for an AVP day via the posting of the Working Roster even though the Driver does not owe 8 hours or more at the time the working roster was posted. Drivers are being told that as it was projected that they will owe more than 8 hours when the 16 week cycle started they can still be rostered for an AVP even after they have worked linehaul hours which reduce their shortfall in hours to 8 hours or less.
  • • Changing of master roster during the cycle and the effect this may have on the ability to reach 608 and thus the rostering of an AVP day, which may not have occurred if the master roster was not changed during each 608 cycle.
  • • Advising employees that they are to stay home, and not work their rostered working / master roster job yet the job is still running but has been given to another driver, and no credit of the lost hours is given to the original driver. This we believe is in breach of Attachment 1 – 1.5 of the PN Intermodal Train Crew EA 2009.
  • • The issue regarding 36 hours for a single RDO as provided for in Attachment 1 – 2.5 of the PN Intermodal Train Crew EA 2009. It was my understanding that following the recent issue regarding a Junee Driver a meeting was going to be arranged to discuss this matter which has since become and issue in Parkes.
  • • As it is nearing the end of the 16 week cycle, the issue of what happens if a driver has not been given the minimum number of RDOs for the period.

Members will be kept informed of the outcome of the meeting, and should not hesitate to issue a notice of dispute should they believe that any EA provision is not being adhered to.