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PN Intermodal look set to vote on industrial action

Feb 7, 2013News

Workers at Pacific National Intermodal could be set to join the coal division in taking protected industrial action.

PN Intermodal workers have been in negotiations with the company over their enterprise agreement for more than 12 months – however PN Intermodal management have refused to budge on key issues such as changes to the Drivers Only Operations clause and wages.

Loco Division Secretary Bob Hayden said it’s unfortunate that Intermodal workers may have to go down the same path as the coal division, however we may be left with no alternative.

“We never want to get to the point where we have to take protected industrial action, however PN management may leave us with any other option but to go down this path.

“Members deserve a fair and reasonable outcome in EA negotiations. We can’t sit back and settle for something that members have clearly indicated are not agreeable.

The RTBU lodged a Protect Action ballot application with Fair Work Australia this morning. The union now has 48 hours to ensure membership lists align with those on the company records.

Please note – if you have a different address registered with the union and the company, you will be ineligible to vote in the ballot. Please contact your delegate, branch or national office if you think there is a discrepancy between the address the union and company have for you.

Bob Hayden said it’s also important for all members to remember that they must not engage in unprotected industrial action.

“The negotiating team will continue to bargain in good faith in an attempt to reach a fair agreement and wherever possible avoid protected industrial action.

“Obviously the best possible outcome would be to reach an agreement that works for all parties, however in the unfortunate event that we do have to go down the path of protected industrial action, it’s important for all members to ensure they only engage in protected action, otherwise there is a risk that their delegate and the union will be sued and the employee will be left without protection.

The union will be calling as many members as possible over the company weeks in order to get feedback from the depots and to discuss and questions members may have.