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PN Intermodal EA – the latest

Mar 14, 2013News

The PN Intermodal negotiating team met with the company last week to discuss whether any movement could be made on the outstanding matters in the enterprise agreement – wages and changes to the Drivers Only clause.

Some progress with the company agreeing to take the Driver Only changes off the table, but continued to offer a wage outcome of 4% per year, with an additional one off cash bonus. They also proposed to increase the term of the agreement to 4 years.

Your Negotiating Team felt that given the in principle offsets already agreed to & the recently announced Asciano increase in profit this was not enough movement from the company.

Your negotiating committee made a counter proposal which removed the one of cash bonus and replaced it with an annual cash payment.

It is planned to hold a national delegates hook up this Monday 18th at 2pm to discuss progress and any feedback.

We will update the Membership of any further developments.

You can see full details of the latest negotiations in the PN section of this website.