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PN Coal workers face industrial action vote

Dec 4, 2012News

Fair Work Australia has ruled in favour of the Loco Division’s application for a protected industrial action ballot following a breakdown in negotiations with Pacific National over a new Coal EBA.

The company has refused to budge on key issues for the membership, including pay and conditions such as increases to the minimum shift length – and has even tried to sneak their version of the EA through by sending it to members in the hope that they can get it approved by a majority of the members who vote.

“Based on membership meetings around the state, we are confident that members will reject the company’s proposed EA and support the Protected Industrial Action Ballot,” Loco Division Secretary Bob Hayden said.

He said it’s unfortunate that PN have forced it to this point.

“Unfortunately the company hasn’t left us with any other option but to go down this road, but it’s fantastic news that Fair Work Australia has agreed with our views and ruled in favour of a protected action ballot,” Bob Hayden said.

“It now comes down to members deciding what they are prepared to do to achieve a fair deal, so it’s critical everyone votes in the upcoming ballot”.

“PN has refused to negotiate around a number of the outstanding matters as included in the RTBU claim that was developed by members. Members at PN deserve decent pay and conditions and at the moment the EA the company is putting on the table doesn’t provide that.

“Members have made it clear that they will not settle for an Enterprise Agreement that doesn’t provide improved pay and conditions.

Members will receive a ballot paper in the post asking them to indicate which, if any, type of industrial action they’d be willing to take.  The ballot will close on 18 January 2013.


Members are advised to ensure your details (name and address) are the same with both the union and the company as any discrepancy may exclude you from participating in the protected industrial action vote and therefore any action should it be required.

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