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PN Coal members vote in favour of action

Jan 18, 2013News

Members at PN Coal today voted overwhelming in favour of taking protected industrial action, following the company’s refusal to negotiate a fair and reasonable Agreement.

Members voted ‘yes’ too all forms of action put to them in the ballot, which was overseen by the Australian Electoral Commission.

Loco Division Secretary Bob Hayden said the strong vote in favour of action shows just how serious workers are about getting a fair and reasonable deal.

“To get such an overwhelming vote at what is obviously a very busy time of year with people off on holidays is a real testament to the feeling among the membership,” Bob Hayden said.

“We don’t want to have to take protected industrial action, but Pacific National has left us with no choice but to go down this path.

The protected industrial action vote follows on from the agreement the company recently put to the membership, which was overwhelmingly rejected by workers.

“This is the second time that members have united and sent a clear message to the company that the offer PN has put on the table is unacceptable.

“The company has told employees to put up with their offer or they’ll start dropping pay. This vote shows that the workforce won’t be bullied into accepting an inferior agreement by management.

“Workers deserve a fair deal, and members have shown they are prepared to keep going until we get one.

“We’re still hopeful that the company will engage with us in genuine negotiation, but until they do, all of our options will stay on the table.

“We will keep all members informed of the next steps from here.”

See the official vote numbers here