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PN Coal 9.5% allowance dispute

Mar 18, 2011News

As reported in an earlier Loco Express article, PN Coal had made an application for a hearing in FWA regarding the intent of the 9.5% Aggregate Allowance payments within the EA. The Division had our legal advisers challenge the urgent hearing and they were successful in having the matter deferred.

FWA advised the parties that they should confer in an effort to reach agreement on an agreed timetable for the matter to be heard. The Company is now proposing that the matter be listed for hearing on a date fixed by FWA on or after July 4 2011. This indicates that the urgency of the matter has gone as far as the company is concerned and is good news for the RTBU, allowing us more time to get our evidence and statements ready.

Members will be kept informed as the matter is progressed.