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PN Bulk refuse consent arbitration for Werris Creek dispute

May 14, 2013News

Pacific National Bulk management have refused to agree to arbitration in an attempt to reach agreement on the application of a clause in the current enterprise agreement relating to the progression of train crew from level 2 to level 3.

In an email to the RTBU, management stated outright that they are not prepared to have the matter settled by consent arbitration by the Fair Work Commission.

The email came in response to a request from the Division for the company to sit down in order reach an agreement on outstanding issue relating to the classification of train crew based at Werris Creek.

Loco Division Secretary Bob Hayden said that it’s disappointing that the company have refused to agree to consent arbitration over a matter of real importance to workers, and have instead chosen to extend the frustration of affected employees.

“It seems the company would rather have a disgruntled workforce than sit down and agree a possible way forward,” Bob Hayden said.

“At a time when members are about to vote on the company’s proposed replacement Enterprise Agreement, it’s a very interesting approach.

“We were hoping that the union and the company would be able to sit down and agree on a way forward, but that doesn’t look like it will be possible now.

Bob Hayden said the Loco Division is now considering all options in an effort to have the matter dealt with on behalf of members.

“Workers deserve to have this outstanding matter dealt with, so we’ll be looking at our options and speaking to members about how best to progress the matter.”