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People-powered election campaigning

Apr 11, 2013News

Recently, Opposition leader Tony Abbott attended an expensive gala dinner being held by a right-wing think tank. Gina Rinehart, Rupert Murdoch and Andrew Bolt were also there.

Tony Abbott didn’t just attend the dinner – he spoke at it. And he backed many of the think tank’s radical policy reforms for Australia.

Among the list of policy reforms is a plan to bring back Workchoices – just with a different name.

Others include:

  • Removing public broadcasting. The ABC to be broken up and sold off, SBS to be fully privatised.
  • Corporations to be allowed to make secret payments to political parties.
  • Removing Medicare for most Australians.
  • Scrapping the clean energy fund and the renewable energy target.
  • Axing funding for sport and arts – including the Australian Institute of Sport. Same for science, with the CSIRO to be privatised.

GetUp! Is running a people-powered election campaign to help fight this conservative vision for Australia making inroads.

The organisation has been known to have an impact on elections before- and its hoping to do that again this year.

Their motot this time around is that you don’t have to have a wallet like Gina or Rupert to make a difference and have your voice heard.

Fid out more about getting behind this people-powered campaign here.