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Part-Time Employment

Jan 13, 2012News

Recently the Division was advised by RailCorp that “in accordance with clause 141 of the RailCorp Enterprise Agreement 2010”, it has developed a proposal to offer current full-time suburban train crew employees the opportunity to convert to part-time employment.

Members would be aware that clause 141 of the current RailCorp EA states as follows:


A joint management/union, committee will monitor the implementation of part-time work. This implementation committee comprises:

(a) General Manager Customer Service or Operations Support or nominee;

(b) HR Business Partner or nominee;

(c) Secretary or nominee, Locomotive Division, RTBU (Drivers);

(d) Secretary or nominee, RTBU (Guards);

(e) ETR or intercity Drivers representative (depending on area under discussion); and

(f) Guards representative.

The committee’s role is to monitor the introduction of part-time work and resolve any disputes relating to its introduction and on-going application within the train crewing area. The union delegate(s) on the committee will be paid in accordance with existing policy.

This clause was also contained with the 2008 RailCorp Agreement at clause 142.

An initial meeting was held on Tuesday 4th January 2012 to discuss the process going forward, with the RTBU agreeing to provide Delegate names for the implementation committee next week, and an initial committee meeting to be held within the next few weeks.

The introduction of Part-Time Employment to Train Crew is an extension of what already applies to other RailCorp Classifications and is actually available for all Employees now (including Train Crew).   There are no formal arrangements in place for Train Crew, however, when it comes to the actual implementation of Part-Time employment, and the numerous potential issues this may have on existing working arrangements.

It will be the role of the joint committee to identify and work through the issues associated with the introduction of Part-Time work.

Delegates are Mark McClymont and Shan Rathinam.