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Paid Parental Leave Review – quick online survey

Apr 12, 2013News

The Federal Government is currently conducting a Review of the Paid Parental Leave Scheme – and we want you to get involved.

Have you or your partner had a baby? Were you able to access any paid time off work to spend time with your child in those important first weeks and months?

Working people and unions fought hard for the right to take time off work when you have a child. We won our first universal Paid Parental Leave scheme in 2011 and Paid Dad and Partner pay in 2012.

The RTBU is proud of these achievements and the difference they make in working families’ lives. But improvements are still needed.

There is an online survey that Unions NSW has set up. It only takes a minute to complete.

Tell us your story and experiences by filling out this short online survey about paid parental leave.

We will use your stories in a submission to the Federal Government’s Review. The union movement will be talking about the importance of spending time and caring for new babies and telling the Government where the scheme needs improvement.

For many households the reduction in wages they experience on the Paid Parental Leave Scheme is a barrier to taking the leave. We want to see this addressed. We also know that women retire with much less super than men. We want to see this addressed by having superannuation paid during Paid Parental Leave. And we want the time that parents can have spend with their new child increased.

So we can include your thoughts, please take the time to complete the survey or send us an email.

More information on the Paid Parental Leave scheme and the Review can be found at www.facsia.gov.au/pplreview .

Let’s work together to improve the lives of working families.