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Pacific National job cuts a back-door attempt at casualisation

May 9, 2014News

Plans to cut 165 jobs at Pacific National appears to be a back-door attempt at casualising the company’s workforce, according to the Rail, Tram and Bus Union.

RTBU National Secretary Bob Nanva today said Pacific National was basing its justification for job losses on pessimistic short-term forecasts that defied long-ter, industry trends.

“All around the country we’re seeing that transport sector gearing up for a projected doubling of the national freight task over the next 20 years, and yet Pacific National think the industry is going backwards.

“It makes you wonder what Pacific National’s real agenda is. And frankly, it looks like an attempt to off-load permanent workers so they can be re-hired as casuals on lower pay and inferior conditions.

Mr Nanva said the RTBU had written to Pacific National demanding full disclosure of the details of the proposed job cuts.

“Under the existing EBA, Pacific National is required to consult with the union prior to the approval of redundancies.

“But to date Pacific National has failed to provide any substance to back up its talk of doom and gloom.

“That’s why we want to see Pacific National’s pas and current growth projections, train plan forecasts, proposed master rosters and all other relevant material.

“If Pacific National seriously believes that its freight volumes are about to dive, then let’s see the evidence.

“It’s time for Pacific National to come clean with its workforce, and to be honest about the state of its books.”