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Pacific National Intermodal Outsourced Projects Enterprise Agreement Update

Negotiations continued last Wednesday with the NSW RTBU Locomotive Division, your EA Delegates and Pacific National for the replacement Enterprise Agreement.

Pacific National finally put their Log of Claims on the table. At no stage have we agreed or accepted any part of their Log of Claims until we have had feedback from Members.

Here is Pacific National’s log of claims:

  1. Addition of Permanent Part Time Clause in line with Terminal Operations EA Clause 7.3
  2. Clause 3 Scope / Clause 10.2 – removal of reference to Support Structure
  3. Provision for Blank Line rostering introduced into Attachment 1 – Rostering Guidelines – allowing for the Master Roster to include Forecast Working and Blank Line Working or a combination of both
  4. No impediment to introduction of technology such including:
    a. In-cab cameras
    b. Mobile phones
    c. Fatigue management devices
    d. All technology required for fulfilment of customer requirements.
  5. Remove that for Night Shift only – if the crew have not finished crib break by the 7th hour they do not have to return to their locomotive
  6. Should a multi skilled operator be rostered to work a lower level job (A level 11 driver is rostered to work a Level 9 TO job) for a period of time greater than a week we pay them at Level 9 rate
  7. Wording clarification of Clause 24.4 ‘Public Holiday for Shift Workers’ -should there be an additional Public Holiday gazetted (for example if Boxing Day falls on a Saturday and the additional Anzac Day holiday is gazetted Monday, the shift worker only receives the day that the Public Holiday falls) clarifying that not both the actual and additional (as opposed to substitute as per current wording) gazetted day are treated as Public Holiday for a shift worker. (PN to propose draft wording however for clarification see – https://www.fairwork.gov.au/leave/public-holidays/list-of-publicholidays additional public holidays listed)
  8. Administrative changes to meet Fair Work Australia compliance. Including but not limited to: Clause 4 Glossary of Terms Shift Worker – as per Terminal Operations EA NES – National Employment Standards
  9. Clause 43 – Individual Flexibility Clause Insert the model flexibility clause

Next steps; There will be an RTBU Delegates phone conference early next week to discuss Pacific National’s Log of Claims in detail. Any feedback regarding Pacific National’s Log of Claims should be forwarded to your local Delegate for discussion in the Delegates phone conference.

Your RTBU Negotiation team consists of Kevin Pryor from the NSW RTBU Locomotive Division, Mick Cartwright from the NSW RTBU Branch with RTBU delegates Paul Bentley, Jason McPhee and David Rowley.

Newsflashes will be distributed after each meeting to keep you updated on the progress of negotiations.

Click here to download the full Newsflash.