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OSCARs to get internal emergency door release

Aug 1, 2014News

The RTBU has been told that plans to introduce internal emergency door release systems in OSCAR type rolling stock trains are currently afoot.

As members will be aware, this equipment is already installed on Waratah trains and was also recently installed onto Millennium trains. This system was introduced following recommendations from the inquiry into the Waterfall accident, and allows passengers to depart the trains via the passenger doors in strictly limited circumstances. The crew however has the ability to override the system if required.

A prototype for consultative purposes will be fitted out in 2 x 4-car sets (H10 and H19) and the intended rollout date for this rolling stock is November 2014.

The RTBU has provided representatives from both Sydney and NSW Trains to participate in the consultation process as both areas operate this type of rolling stock. Members will be kept informed as to the progress of this installation.