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O’Farrell’s attack on Workers Compensation heats up

Jun 20, 2012News

The O’Farrell Government has launched a disgraceful attack on injured workers by ramming legislation to slash medical benefits and entitlements through the NSW Legislative Assembly.

The changes to the two Bills introduced and passed by the Legislative Assembly will rob workers in NSW and their families of vital workers compensation protections, Bob Hayden of the Loco Division said.

The changes will apply retrospectively and will see journey claims axed, medical benefits for injured workers cut off after one year and benefits completely cut off for most workers after 5 years.

Bob Hayden said the move is appalling and shows a complete lack of respect for workers.

“The government’s move will leave our most vulnerable – injured workers and their families – high and dry,” Mr Hayden said.

“It’s going to devastate families across the state. This legislation leaves us all at serious risk, especially those families already struggling to make ends meet.

“We know how tough many people do it after being injured on the job. The last thing they need is for the Premier to swoop in and rob them of the modest entitlements to allow them to survive.

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