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NSW Trains Member Information

Apr 27, 2020NSW Trains

The Locomotive Division has received numerous queries from its members regarding Regional Drivers and how they were able to originally achieve a 5.4% wage increase for a new operating model.

The last significant change to an operating model occurred in 1994 with the introduction of the “Single-Manning” model within the then Countrylink. This model remains in use on Regional operations today.

At the time, the State Rail Authority originally proposed the removal of the Special Class Guard position and the introduction of the Passenger Service Supervisor (PSS) position. The State Rail Authority at the time was prepared to offer a 13% increase for all items in its proposal.

The Driver under this model would have assumed the overall responsibility for the crew, maintenance of the timetable and safeworking responsibilities of the previous Special Class Guard, with the PSS allocated limited safeworking duties.

In this originally proposed single manning model, the safeworking allocated to the PSS included the performance of an absolute right away at all stations (with full audible and visual capability from the cab door), with the driver merely arming and disarming doors at the request of the PSS. On Board Staff would have also assisted with this procedure by ensuring all doors were closed and passengers boarded and alighted safely.

The original proposal also contained various other duties including Driver Only Shunting, Driver Only on empty trains between Meeks Road and Sydney Terminal, cleaning at regional turnaround locations, the abolishment of call provisions, the wearing of name tags and various other small scale items.

The eventual negotiated outcome, by mutual agreement, was a 5.4% wage increase for the driver to undertake single-manning operations, the assumption of the safeworking responsibilities for the Special Class Guard and other small scale items. Driver Only Shunting and Driver Only Operation of non-revenue services between Meeks Road and Sydney Terminal were not agreed to or achieved.

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