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Apr 13, 2022Employer News QUBE

Last Wednesday, the Locomotive Division met with QUBE Management via Video.  The purpose of this meeting was to determine when negotiations for your  replacement Enterprise Agreement would start. 

We can confirm the following:

  • QUBE have agreed to start bargaining for your replacement agreement which expires on 31st March 2023, with the first meeting between the parties scheduled to take place on 1st June 2022.
  • For EA negotiations to commence, QUBE is required to send out a NERR (notice of representational rights) to all employees covered by the EA, which they will shortly be doing.
  • QUBE have agreed to release the following 6 Delegates to participate in the bargaining/meetings:
  • Scott Studman – Sydney
  • Cameron Wood – Wollongong
  • Jamie Smith – Junee
  • Rodney Rich – Dubbo
  • Greg Simpson – Newcastle
  • Graham Force – Coffs Harbour
  • A survey will be sent to you early next week for you to have your say, as this will form your Log of Claims.
  • A series of Video Conferences with members will then occur to endorse your Log of Claims.

Download a copy of the Newsflash here.