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North West Rail Link to be driverless

Jun 6, 2013News

The NSW Transport Minister today announced that trains on the North West Rail Link will be driverless – despite publically denying last year that they had any intention of introducing driverless trains on the service.

Loco Division Secretary Bob Hayden said it’s a clear case of the NSW Government cost cutting at the expense of safety.

“Experienced train drivers play a vital role in safety on our trains,” Bob Hayden said.

“Drivers can react quickly to an emergency situation and see ahead and predict any possible incidents arising.

“No one wants a computer to take over our vital safety roles.

“Gladys Berejiklian has completely gone back on her assurance to drivers and commuters. She said publically last year that the government had no intention of putting driverless trains on the vital link. That’s been proven to be an absolute untruth.

“The government is using the London Underground experience to justify its cost cutting measure. What it’s failing to also say is that you can’t compare the logistics of a small underground tube and Sydney’s complex lines and that drivers have actually been put back on previously driverless services.

The Loco Division will keep members updated as new information comes to hand.