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North West Rail Link lunacy

Feb 3, 2015News

As we know, the NSW Government’s plans for the North West Rail Link (NWRL) are staggeringly short-sighted.

The rail link will use single decker driverless trains and is to be run by a private operator from Hong Kong. It won’t integrate into the existing network, its tunnels are 50cm too small for the Sydney Trains’ double decker trains to use, and all these limitations will mean commuters will have to change over in Chatswood.

The expensive project will also result in the downgrading of 12.5km of existing rail tunnel meaning that only single decker trains will be able to use the lines instead of double deckers. If that weren’t bad enough, this downgrading will take 7 months and will mean the tunnel closes during this time, causing huge logistical problems.

Read more about the lunacy of the plans here.