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No urine testing for Endeavour – company accepts drug and alcohol testing ruling

Sep 6, 2012News

Endeavour Energy has written to all its employees informing them that it has accepted Fair Work Australia’s ruling against the use of urine testing for the presence of drugs and alcohol, and will move forward with plans to introduce saliva testing.

Fair Work Australia recently rejected an appeal by the energy company against an earlier case which found that the company could only use swab or saliva testing, rather than urine, to detect drugs on its employees. The judge found that the company’s argument that urine testing was required to manage its OH&S obligations was “unjust and unreasonable”.

Loco Division Secretary Bob Hayden said the company’s decision not to appeal the matter further is a big win for all workers.

“Workers across many industries have been watching this case very carefully. This will certainly set a precent for future drug and alcohol testing cases,” Bob Hayden said.

“The company’s acceptance of Fair Work Australia’s decision means that we can all move forward and begin working with companies to introduce fair and transparent testing systems,” Bob Hayden said.

“Saliva-testing is the most accurate way of detecting impairment at work. We’re happy to work with companies to on the introduction and management of saliva-based testing systems to improve safety across our industry.

“We’ve been lobbying strongly against the use of urine testing as the initial test for a long while, and this case with Endeavour Energy has justified our arguments. It’s a big win for workers in all industries.”