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No more Christmas cheer on train stations

Dec 10, 2014News

Our busiest train stations will this year go without the traditional Christmas decorations which bring colour to the platforms once a year. 

The ban on Christmas decorations has apparently been put in place because of the “high” terrorism alert.

Apparently tinsel, fake gifts and baubles make it difficult for security staff to check for suspicious items.

But if Sydney Trains is so concerned about the high terrorism alert why don’t they take meaningful action to increase security on the platforms, such as by increasing the number of security staff on our transport network?

We know that the number of security staff has been dramatically cut in recent times. Why should our train crew and platform staff as well as the public miss out on the Christmas cheer in the name of security when it’s clear that Sydney Trains has no intention of taking security on the network seriously?

Thankfully, the Christmas decoration ban does not extend to busses, where the annual Christmas Bus decoration competition just just begun.

You can read more about the ban on Christmas decorations here.