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NIF Update – In-Cab Cameras

May 22, 2020NSW Trains

Members would be aware that as part of the NIF, NSW Trains and Transport for NSW are proposing to introduce full in-cab video recording.

The RTBU is, and remains, fundamentally opposed to in-cab video and live stream recording.

This afternoon, 22 May 2020, we had a 1-hour “video meeting” with NSW Trains in which they presented a brief overview of THEIR proposed use of in-cab cameras.

The presentation included how they intend to utilise both live and recorded footage and who can access that footage.

Disappointingly, there appears to be no consideration given to the security or wellbeing of Members as NSW Trains proposes to have this footage accessible by non- operational managers and third parties.

NSW Trains advised that we would be sent a copy of their presentation following the meeting to review and provide comment and questions at a follow up meeting. This meeting has yet to be arranged.

We were also advised NSW Trains would be sending out an update and a “Frequently Asked Questions” to all employees advising that consultation has started with the RTBU.

As Members know, NSW Trains has a history of using words that give an impression that detailed consultation has occurred in efforts to undermine the RTBU and Members. Members should not fall for their propaganda.

To be clear, the RTBU remains opposed to in-cab cameras in-line with the RTBU National Position.

Members will be kept informed as discussions occur so expect to see regular Footplates.

The Loco Division will continue to hold regular Delegate video meetings ensuring Members have the facts and not just NSW Trains’ “Spin”.

Click here to download the complete Footplate.