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NIF update

Sep 28, 2020NSW Trains

Members are advised that the RTBU recently met with NSW Trains to discuss their proposed method for allocating the first NIF train revenue service runs later this year. They proposed that the first NIF train will be allocated to the Gosford depot and be worked by a small number of qualified drivers from that depot only.

NIF training for Gosford drivers was proposed to commence in mid-October with an EOI issued to seek who would “volunteer” to be the first to be trained and operate the first NIF train. However, management failed to advise drivers that training was voluntary, and members were duped into applying without full knowledge of what was intended.

Any member who feels they were incorrectly advised of the intent of the EOI should withdraw their application via their Shift Manager.

NSW Trains has also proposed to create a separate section of the Gosford roster for NIF qualified drivers with NIF only working. Obviously, the Loco Division opposed this proposal as being non-compliant with DR&WA requirements however, in another blatant act of arrogance, NSW Trains proceeded to issue the Gosford depot with their proposed roster and directions to “post it”.

The matter was immediately disputed through the Dispute Settlement Procedure of the EA and is currently at Step 2.

NSW Trains also brought to the table a new Draft Electronic Devices Policy which allowed the expansion of the use of electronic devices within the crew cab to suit their own requirements for the use of their proposed Personal Crew Interface (PCI) technology applicable to the NIF.

As we have all seen over the years, management is not shy in flogging members who use mobile phones in the crew cab, now however, when it suits their needs, amendments to the previously strictly enforced Policy are hypocritically proposed to allow the PCI to be used in cab.

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