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NIF Update

Nov 28, 2019NSW Trains

Members are advised that NSW Trains have today presented the RTBU with its proposed remuneration package for drivers who will be operating the NIF trains. After advising that the Government “was aware of the offer”, NSW Trains proposed it’s so called “fair and reasonable” offer of a 4% increase for drivers which apparently “reflects the increased responsibilities” of the new role. NSW Trains has also advised that they will “introduce a new classification of InterCity Specialist Driver” for the new role.

It was proposed that the new rate would be applicable once a driver is “trained, competent and has started driving the NIF”. Once qualified, members would then receive the new rate permanently meaning it would also be applicable for diesel operations as well.

NSW Trains plan to post the offer on their Intra-Net site and will commence advising their employees at the next round of “In the Know” sessions commencing next week.

Members should be aware that no elements of this proposal have been consulted with the Locomotive Division and NSW Trains have gone straight out to members with the offer after only dropping it on our table this morning without advising us of their intention to do so.

Needless to say, the Locomotive Division totally reject this offer and its contents as grossly undervaluing the role drivers currently perform and that which NSW Trains expects them to continually perform on the NIF for what amounts to a meager pittance.

Any suggestion or inference by NSW Trains that this is agreed or consultation has occurred is a lie!

The RTBU has placed this matter instantly into dispute as a clear breach of the NSW Trains EA. Members will be kept informed and if further information is required they should contact their local delegate or head office.

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