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Newsflash: QUBE EA Negotiations update

Sep 28, 2018QUBE

Members are advised that the second meeting was held with QUBE in relation to the Enterprise Agreement. The RTBU Locomotive Division negotiating team sat down on Tuesday the 18th September to further discuss the log of claims that was created as a result of a survey conducted by the Locomotive Division. We also developed wording to support the claims (including the drafting of clauses to be inserted into the Agreement based on the issues raised by members).

On Wednesday 19 September, the RTBU Locomotive Division negotiating committee sat down with the company and explained in detail each claim, and received further information from QUBE in relation to what they are seeking as a part of these negotiations. Whilst no decisions were made, it was a good starting point for the purpose of progressing negotiations and members will be updated as to the progress of negotiations as they continue. The next negotiation meeting for the new Agreement will take place on 03 October 2018.

Please click here to download the Newsflash and view a table of some of the items raised by your RTBU Locomotive Division Negotiating Committee and QUBE.

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