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News: BNSF Railroad Workers Resist Cruel Attendance Policy

Feb 15, 2022News

Over in the U.S., Locomotive engineer Marilee Taylor, who has worked at the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway (BNSF) in Chicago for more than 28 years wrote a Letter to the Editor of the World-Outlook to introduce the video, produced by More Perfect Union, linked below.

The video below explains the cruel and severe nature of BNSF’s new draconian attendance policy. Their memberships voted, respectively 100% and 99.5%, to go on strike over the policy, but a federal judge in Texas unfortunately sided with the BNSF and granted a wide-ranging Temporary Restraining Order to the railroad that enjoins every single one of those BNSF employees, not only from striking, but also from any other job action to defend themselves and protect their rights.

You can read Marilee’s full letter by clicking here.

As a result of this, families of BNSF railroad workers are demonstrating against the gag order that’s keeping 17,000 workers from speaking to press or striking by staging a silent action.