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Newcastle rail saga continues

Jan 23, 2015Hot Topic

A recent parliamentary inquiry recommended that the Newcastle rail line and services be immediately reinstated, but will the NSW Government take note?

Just prior to Christmas, local community groups had a huge win with the court ruling that the NSW Government couldn’t rip up the rail line from Boxing Day because removing rail infrastructure requires legislation to be passed through parliament – which hasn’t happened.

The Government had attempted to skirt around the law by selling the rail assets to another government agency, but the court ruled against the move.

While the court ruling was a huge win for the local community, it hasn’t stopped the NSW Government from pushing ahead with its plans to destroy the line. Since the ruling, moves have been made to prevent the tracks from being used, even including tarring over sections of the line.

There are still legal challenges afoot, however the government seems determined to move ahead with its plans to tear up the track into the Newcastle CBD regardless of the law, parliamentary recommendations or community concerns.

The people of Newcastle deserve a modern, vibrant city and a world-class public transport system. Will you join the call to put community interests ahead of big business interests by sending an email to our politicians? Click here to help Keep the Hunter on Track.

You can see the Upper House inquiry recommendations here. 

What’s your view on the situation? Should the rail line be ripped up? Is there a better plan for public transport in the city? Or is this a case of MPs mates in big business getting what they want at the expense of the local community?