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New stabling arrangements

Mar 7, 2011News

The RTBU is currently working with RailCorp to resolve issues that have arisen around the stabling of eight “S” sets and up to eight Waratah trains at Enfield Yard.

The RTBU is pleased to see that numerous improvement works will be undertaken to facilitate this proposal including the construction of new footpaths, security fencing, amenities etc.

However, there are also several concerns about this process including methods of communication, train crew working requirements and yard access issues.

The “S” sets will be stored as they are taken out of service as part of the Waratah train roll out and are then rotated back to Flemington Maintenance Centre on a fortnightly basis to maintain their operational capabilities. The eight Waratah trains need to be stabled due to contractual arrangements to provide safe over flow storage for the sets that can’t be housed at the Auburn Maintenance Facility.

It is proposed that Flemington train crew rotate the “S” sets back to Flemington during daylight hours and out of peak times with Waratah test crews doing the same.

The RTBU will be working with RailCorp to make sure that all concerns with this process are resolved.