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New InterCity Fleet (NIF) Update

Sep 4, 2019NSW Trains

Members will be aware of the recent message to staff from Peter Allaway regarding NSW Trains closure of the consultative process for their version of a NIF Operating Model. The RTBU Locomotive Division (RTBULD) views this as a disingenuous approach to consultation as there are many outstanding issues remaining to be discussed and serious safety matters to be addressed within the proposed NSW Trains Operating Model.

In the view of the Loco Division, the NSW Trains Operating Model has excessively overloaded the driver’s role, duties and responsibilities and remains unconvinced that NSW Trains and the Government will offer or approve a genuine wage increase for the increased future workload. NSW Trains attitude towards the heavily increased workload appears to be a “master servant” attitude where members will do as they are told.

As they did with the train design consultation process, NSW Trains have again closed consultation on their proposed operating model despite the RTBULD providing a detailed and comprehensive response that provided a more genuine customer service role for the (CSG) and allowed for additional tasks for that role which alleviated the onerous driver tasks of the NSW Trains model.

It should now be more than obvious to members that NSW Trains attitude towards NIF consultation is purely a “tick and flick” exercise and its “their way or the highway” when it comes to anything to do with this trains design or operation.

Members should also recall that NSW Trains advised the RTBU that the removal of Traction Interlocking from the crew cab doors to allow the CSG to monitor the platform was “not feasible”. That has now proven to be not factually correct and is actually a feasible option however; NSW Trains have stated they will not remove it regardless of the issues raised by the RTBULD.

Members should also remember that the NSW Trains operating model does not have a CSG on any empty or non revenue service. What this means is that NSW Trains are obviously trying to introduce Driver Only Operations by stealth and that this ‘consultative process’ is nothing more than lip service for their masters at Transport for NSW and the state Government.

NSW Trains have ignored all concerns of you, the members, as tabled by your elected RTBULD representatives during this entire process. The RTBULD does not accept that consultation is closed and will always fight in the best interests of the members.

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