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New Intercity Fleet (NIF) Update Dispute “Independent” Report Released

Dec 18, 2019NSW Trains

This morning the RTBU met with NSW Trains and Transport for NSW (TfNSW) and was presented with an “independent” report on the proposed operating model for the NIF.

TfNSW advised that they had commissioned this independent review of the NIF operating model by Metcalfe Rail Safety to answer three core questions:

  1. Is the NIF operating model safe?
  2. Is the new model as safe as, or safer than, the current operating conditions for guards when monitoring the platform train interface (PTI)?
  3. How does the NIF operating model compare with methods used by the international train operating community?

In the overview provided, it should surprise no one that the answers were all positive to the closed questions asked with the NIF operating model being deemed safer than current operations, particularly for the guard who will now be locked in the crew cab for the train departure process and the added duties/workload being expected of drivers.

Once again, as with the recent wage offer for drivers and the 2023 deadline for guards, NSW Trains and TfNSW have arrived with a pre-prepared final document, dropped it on the table and advised that they will be making it available to all staff on the same day the RTBU and its members get to see it.

The RTBU will be reviewing this “independent” report in detail and provide further information to members on its contents via bulletin in due course. If members have any questions or clarification on this matter they should contact their local delegate or call the NSW Branch office.

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