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National Loco Committee resolutions

Jun 25, 2012News

Representatives from Locomotive Divisions in all states and territories met last week to discuss issues of relevance to Loco Drivers nationally.

Resolutions reached at the meeting include:

Correct work attire
The committee endorsed the efforts of the Victorian division, who have been lobbying for sports bras to be included as part of the correct work attire for women. This follows a series of member complaints about the need for better attire for women when travelling on rough tracks. The case is fully supported by medical evidence and will be discussed further at the National Women’s Committee meeting, with a recommendation they be included as part of the women’s uniform issue.

ARTC track conditions
There was a decision to join forces with the National RTBU office to campaign for improvements to the ARTC track across the country, in particular the Brisbane and Melbourne corridor. There was also a decision to deal with the new “Ice Radio” the ARTC has implemented, and the many safety issues associated with the change over to this radio across the country. The Committee has requested the National Office to seek an urgent meeting with the CEO of ARTC to address the issues.

National competencies
The committee endorsed a call to force a result in the classification of all drivers as Certificate 4.

Limits on hours of work
Committee representatives will request that all Loco Divisional Secretaries and Committees ensure that the Limit on Hours of Work be included in all EBAs. This includes minimum and maximum shifts.

Review of standards
The national committee is calling on all branches to campaign for the mandatory introduction of an automatic train protection system on trains operated by Driver Only Operations in Australia. This provision should be a clause in all future collective agreements.

Loco Division meeting delegates L-R: Wayne Hicks (Vic), Kelvin Steer (QLD), Brian Curren (WA), Josh Sundqvist (SA/NT), Mark Supple (NSW), Shayne Kummerfeld (QLD), Terry Sheedy (Vic), David Mathie (NSW), Allan Barden (National Office), Bob Hayden (NSW), David Payne (Tas), Brett Rosser (NSW)