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My Time and Pay Depot Issues

Aug 1, 2014News

There have been a few teething issues since the introduction of My Time and Pay.

In particular, its been brought to the union’s attention that certain managers are issuing instructions to depots that directly contradict what has been agreed during the consultative process as well as the sign on/off procedures already in place.

Also, in certain areas, attesting officers are taking it upon themselves to deny members the ability to sign off by phone, even though if they meet the required criteria of the procedure.

Additionally, and also in only certain locations, an “Exemption Register Book” has mysteriously appeared that requires members to explain why they were late on duty or didn’t swipe on or off. This was never discussed or agreed during the consultative phase and members should not fill in anything other than their timesheet.

These matters have obviously been disputed by the RTBU and members will be kept informed of the outcomes or any other issues that may arise.