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More from Massa Takahashi, our Comrade in Japan

Apr 12, 2011News

“The tracks have been damaged in 1700 places” – Extracts from the diary of Massa Takahashi, train driver from the Mito region and Member of the JREU, the RTBU’s sister union

The 28th Day since Disaster, 7 April

Today the leaders of the JREU met in Sendai to review the situation and discuss the vision for relief activities and restoration of the railway in devastated areas.

On the 5th of April Satoshi Seino, president of the East Japan Railway Company, identified seven local railway lines damaged by the tsunami and announced clearly that JR East Company would restore all off these lines.

According JR East Company, the tracks have been damaged in 1700 places, at 23 stations and a total of 60kms of tracks were washed out along these lines. As these seven lines operate in a low density population area local people are worried the lines might be abolished and union members are on the alert for any suggestion of this.

Thank you for your support.

Massa Takahashi