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Mobile phone privacy

Nov 20, 2015News

The Loco Division has received numerous complaints recently from members concerned about Standards Officers having the ability to request to see your mobile phone records.

The wording of the mobile phone general instruction is that a standards officer “may” request to see the status of a worker’s mobile phone and that workers are “required to comply” with the request.

The Loco Division has raised concerns with management, who have said that their intent is only to request to see a mobile phone if they have evidence it was being used inappropriately in breach of the Train Working Procedures (TWP 100)

Of course, the rules around usage of mobile phones while in charge of a train are vitally important and have been put in place for the safety of members and the public, however, there are real concerns around management’s potential abuse of their right to enforce the rules. There have been reports of over the top actions, such as members being reported for not having their bag far enough from the driver’s seat.

The Loco Division is keeping a very close eye on this issue, so please contact your local delegate if you are ever asked to hand over access to your personal property.