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Membership surpasses the 3500 mark

Sep 17, 2012News

The membership of the Loco Division of the RTBU has just passed the 3500 mark – the largest number of financial members in the division’s history.

Loco Division Secretary Bob Hayden said it’s a huge milestone and a testament to the great outcomes that have been achieved for members in recent times.

“In the last two months alone, over 60 people have joined the Loco Division. Our strength is in our numbers and our numbers are growing rapidly,” Bob Hayden said.

“The Loco Division is proud to be representing such a large number of workers. It will only lead to improved pay and conditions for all of our members.

Bob Hayden said while the increase in membership was both in the Passenger and Freight areas, a large number of new members have joined from Pacific National, where ongoing negotiations have the potential to break down in the near future.

“It’s fantastic to see an increase in our PN membership, especially at a time when we’re fighting very hard to get a good deal for members in the current EA negotiations.

“PN have been playing hardball, but we’re determined not to give up. I think a lot of people at PN have realised that we may have to consider what we’re prepared to do to achieve a satisfactory outcome and it’s good to see people wanting to have their voice heard.”