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Liverpool turnback project training

Jan 14, 2014News

Sydney Trains’ proposed training package for the new Liverpool Turnback track forced the Loco Division to lodge a notice of dispute recently.

Sydney Trains initially proposed to have drivers learn the new route, which is due to be commissioned this week, by familiarising themselves with paper-based maps and handouts – a practice the Loco Division has long been opposed to on safety grounds.

It was proposed that drivers read General Instruction 98/2013 which contains information about the implementation of the Liverpool Turnback project and includs maps covering the turnback and associated transit road as well as the new platform and 1.8km of new track which forms the new Down Main Line.

The Loco Division argued that the proposal not only contravened the RailCorp enterprise agreement, but also various pieces of legislation which dictate minimum safety requirements.

Sydney Trains has since agreed to the Loco Division’s proposal that pilots be offered to drivers who do not feel comfortable traversing/operating over the new route. The company also agreed to provide further training to those who did not feel confident travelling over the new route after having been piloted over track.

Appropriate amenities will now also be provided for those pilots waiting at the exit and exit points of the Liverpool Turnback.

The Loco Division urges all members to contact your local union representative immediately if Sydney Trains reneges on any of these commitments. In the absence of a pilot being available, drivers should request to travel over the Old Down South Main (platform 2) that they are currently qualified for until such time as they are given sufficient training over the new route.

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